Energy Management

Key Benefits

·  Reduce energy usage without compromising your lifestyle

·  Energy-saving templates help reduce your energy bills

·  Customized light and thermostat schedules adjust to your lifestyle

·  Mobile apps let you remotely control your lights and thermostats

·  Text and email alerts let you know when your thermostat settings change

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Remotely adjust your thermostat via the Web or AAA's mobile app and set automatic thermostat schedules so you save money.

Smarter Energy Management

AAA's thermostat controls give you greater awareness and control of your property's energy usage than ever before. For example, you can turn down the thermostat before getting out of bed, turn it up on your way home from work, have it adjust when you arm your system or set a Smart Schedule to automatically adjust throughout the day to optimize your energy consumption.













Control your thermostats on the go, even from an airplane


Set the thermostats to warm up an hour before the kids get home from school


Save energy by setting your thermostat a few degrees warmer during the summer and a few degrees cooler during the winter


Enable real-time alerts to be sent to you via text or email when a thermostat setting is changed


Find out if the temperature goes out of range at your home or business


With AAA you can remotely turn your lights on or off, have them come on automatically when you walk in the door or set a schedule to make it look like someone is home when you are on vacation.

A Bright Idea

Take advantage of AAA's light management solution to reduce one of the biggest energy wastes for a home or business – leaving the lights on. With AAA you can set lights to turn on or off based on various settings. For example you can turn off the lights at a specific time, have the lights turn on when you disarm your system or turn lights on whenever a specific door is opened or closed.

Remote Control

The mobile app and intuitive web interface gives you the control to adjust your lights on command. Login anytime to turn the living room lights on, adjust the dimmer or simply turn off all the lights in the house. Now, you have the switch in the palm of your hand.

Smart Schedules

Create custom energy-saving schedules for your home or business to automatically adjust the temperature and control the lights so you're not wasting energy when you are away.

Energy Saving Tips

AAA Home Security makes your home or business smarter by using various schedule and event triggers. Control your lights and thermostat settings based on the time of day, day of week and the status of the security system.

At Your Home

·  At night, have the hallway light turn on when the front door is opened to avoid fumbling for the switch

·  Apply energy management rules to turn off everything when you leave your home

·  Get extra security with light schedules that make a property look occupied while on vacation

At Your Business

·  Set up light and thermostat schedules to save energy when the business is closed

·  Create notifications to see if employees adjust the temperature

·  Have all of the lights turn on at the warehouse in the event of an alarm

Customize your schedule based on your energy saving goals

·  Easy to set up

·  Simple to change

·  Slide bars to adjust time

·  Click to adjust temperature

·  Quick apply to multiple days

Energy Monitoring

Energy Monitoring from AAA takes the guess-work out of saving energy. With a view of your home’s actual energy use and costs, you can decide when to adjust your Smart Schedules and monitor the results.

Get Energy-Saving Insight

Stop wondering how to be energy efficient and get real insight into your energy use with Energy Monitoring from AAA. Viewing your energy usage in total, and by individual device, you’ll be able to see where you’re consuming the most energy and can make changes that have real impact. You’ll also be able to track the results of these changes on your energy use and costs so you’ll know if you’re making progress.


Since AAA’s services are totally connected on one platform, it’s easy to take what you learn from Energy Monitoring and apply it to begin saving energy and money. You can adjust your automated settings through light and thermostat schedules, Geo-Services location-based thermostat automation, and triggers.

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